Buying The Right Hoist For Your Dump Bed

At Primary Mover we offer a range of Power Hoist models and kits for any dump trailer/truck bed application. The Power Hoist for dump beds is a scissor lift and hydraulic cylinder ready for installation. Each kit comes in a variety of scissor hoist sizes designed for different trailer bed lengths and the desired weight lifting capacity. Contact us today for more information and find the right kit to meet your application!

Primary Mover Hydraulic Efficiency Systems Promo

At Primary Mover we deliver top-notch hydraulic trailer equipment and battery management systems to satisfied customers across the US. Take a sneak peak of some of our product offering available online today!

Hydraulic Landing Gear for Trailers

Now you can hydraulically raise and lower your original landing gear. Our pre-assembled control box containing a pump, motor, hoses and fittings, attaches easily to your trailer's frame.

Wired Remotes vs KarTech Wireless Remotes for Hydraulic Pumps

KarTech’s Micro series wireless remote control offers a convenient way to quickly and easily control on/off outputs from a distance of up to 300 feet. Find out why we recommend these American manufactured controls as an upgrade for your hydraulic dump trailer setup.

Primary Mover Introduction to Single-Acting Hydraulic Pumps

Tune in as we discuss some of the basic differences between the single and double-acting hydraulic pumps!

Recommended Hydraulic Fluid for 12 volt Hydraulic Pumps

New to the hydraulic pump setup? We have you covered! Find out what kind of hydraulic fluid we recommend using with our 12-volt Single-acting and Double-acting Pumps.