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Extreme Series - Telescopic Dump Bed Kits

Unleash the Power of Performance and Precision!

Welcome to the future of heavy-duty hauling - the Extreme Series Telescopic Dump Bed Kits, exclusively at Engineered for the relentless and the robust, our kits transform your trailers, utility vehicles, and pickup trucks into powerhouses of efficiency.

Customize to Conquer:

  • Versatile Range: Choose from a variety of dump trailer cylinder kits designed for trailers, goosenecks, utility vehicles, and pickup truck beds.
  • Tailored Strength: Select the perfect fit for your needs with up to 36 tons of lifting capacity and multiple stroke lengths.
  • Optimal Size Recommendations: Find the ideal dump body size for your specific job, ensuring maximum productivity.

Kit Components - Strength Meets Innovation:

  • High Flow Hydraulic Power Unit: Designed for superior performance and optimized for Hydraulic Dump Bed Systems. With upgraded #8SAE ports, this pump ensures unmatched efficiency, making it perfect for Dump Trailers and Dump Kits.
  • H-Frame & Hydraulic Hose Assembly: Robust construction and high-quality hoses ensure durability and precision.
  • Bridon Load Control: For superior load management and safety.
  • Safety Trio: Includes a safety arm, safety arm cup, and safety arm storage bracket, ensuring your operations are secure at all times.
  • Heavy-Duty Hinges: Designed for endurance and ease of use.
  • Power-Ready: Comes with battery cables and a rubber strap for immediate use.

The Extreme Series is more than just equipment; it's a commitment to excellence. Whether it's for construction, landscaping, or any heavy-duty task, these kits are built to endure and excel. Upgrade to the Extreme Series - where power, performance, and precision come together.


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