Single Hydraulic Trailer Jack Add-On Kit

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Introducing the Primary Mover Hydraulic Trailer Jack – a high-performance solution that redefines towing convenience. With a robust 12,000-pound lifting capability, powerful hydraulic system, dual holding valve for rock-solid stability, and zinc-plated inner sleeve and foot for durability, this jack stands out as the ultimate choice for towing reliability.

Key Features:

  1. 12,000-Pound Lifting Capability: Effortlessly handle heavy loads with confidence, knowing this jack can lift up to 12,000 pounds, accommodating a variety of towing needs.
  2. Powerful Hydraulic System: Experience quick and efficient trailer lifting at the touch of a button, eliminating the need for manual cranking.
  3. Dual Holding Valve for Stability: The dual holding valve ensures unparalleled stability during operation, providing a secure foundation for hitching and unhitching.
  4. Zinc-Plated Inner Sleeve and Foot: The zinc-plated components offer superior protection against corrosion and rust, ensuring longevity even in challenging outdoor conditions.
  5. Adjustable Height: Easily adapt to different trailer heights with the jack's adjustable design, suitable for various towing setups.
  6. Easy Installation: User-friendly design and clear instructions make installation a breeze, getting you on the road quickly and confidently.

Upgrade your towing experience with the Primary Mover Hydraulic Trailer Jack – where power, durability, and convenience converge. Trust in its impressive lifting capability and advanced features to make every towing task a breeze. Invest in the best for your trailer with Primary Mover, your trusted partner on the road.

Kit Includes:

  • 12,000 lb Trailer Jack with 2″x 20″ Hydraulic Cylinder
  • Two 110″ Hydraulic Hose w/2 Straight #6 JIC Fittings
  • Two 12″ Hose Str X Str
  • Eight Straight Adapter Fittings – #6 SAE male X #6 JIC male
  • One Selector Valve w/ Aluminum knob
  • Maximum Hydraulic Flow Rate is 2 GPM
  • Maximum Distance between ground and bottom of trailer frame is 8″

Download: Hydraulic Trailer Jack Manual