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1. Hoist only- Consists of scissor with cylinder and Mounting brackets.

2. Standard Kit- all components needed to attach a dump bed to a frame and dump, short of the battery and hydraulic fluid for the pump.

3. Premium Kit- Adds to the "Standard Kit" a 3 Watt Solar panel and an 8 amp AC panel mount charger.

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  • Single Acting is Power Up with Gravity Down
  • Double Acting is Power Up and Power Down

The pump lifts no weight.

The Cylinder determines how much it can lift. The larger the diameter of the cylinder the more weight it can lift. The majority of cylinders have working pressure of 3000psi.

Our pumps can supply up to 3200PSI of Hydraulic pressure to the cylinders so they can lift the weight they are designed to lift.

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All our Scissor kits come with Double acting Pumps, but if you prefer single acting, we can provide that for you as well.

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Do not use synthetic, biodegradable or water base hydraulic fluids.

ISO viscosity grades 22 to 46 are recommended. Anti wear, antifoaming & rust inhibitor additives are recommended. For colder climates ATF (Dexron III) can be used.